10 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector


 Once you have successfully negotiated your contract and begin to forward with the purchase of your home, it is important to have the property inspected.  Generally, you will have 10 days from the contract start date to complete the inspection and then decide what, if anything, you would like the seller to address.  It is important to note that the home inspection is not the same as an appraisal and has little to do with the value of the property.  It is however, a great way to get the best idea of what you are purchasing.  A good home inspection will bring important repair and maintenance issues to your attention.  If there are any major problems or issues with the home's systems, your inspector will discover these so you will know what to expect with the house.  It is not the inspectors job to advise you about whether to purchase the property, rather, it is to give you valuable feedback on the home's condition so that you can make the best decision for yourself, based on the information in the inspector's report.  Here are some questions to help you hire the best professional for the job!

1. What are your qualifications? Are you a member of the American Association of Home Inspectors?


2. Do you have a current license? (Inspectors are not required to be licensed in every state.)


3. How many inspections of properties such as this do you do each year?


4. Do you have a list of past clients I can contact?


5. Do you carry professional errors and omission insurance? May I have a copy of the policy?


6. Do you provide any guarantees of your work?


7. What specifically will the inspection cover?


8. What type of report will I receive after the inspection?


9. How long will the inspection take and how long will it take to receive the report? 


10. How much will the inspection cost?



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